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Wellness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness and Healthy Thinking

Hello! I am Julianne Henry and I am a highly experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker who believes all people have the ability and strength within themselves to experience emotionally healthy, strong, confident, happy, and successful lives. Sometimes people encounter barriers that get in the way, and that is where I can help. In a positive, empathetic, respectful, and safe environment, I will work with you to explore your truth, grow your inner strength and bring confidence in your ability to assert your voice.

With a cognitive behavioral therapy, wellness-based approach we can learn and practice healthy patterns of thinking and mindful strategies to manage and reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Now is a great time to get started on your journey to wellness, whether you are new to therapy or returning to the process, let's get started with assessing where you are today and what it would look like to be living your best self. Change is possible and I can provide support and guidance as you navigate through self-discovery toward living a life of intention and purpose.

I offer online therapy for anxiety, including general anxiety and social anxiety, depression, stress reduction, healing from religious trauma, recovery from emotional trauma and abuse, as well as a variety of other issues that may be getting in the way of you living your best life of peace and contentment.

I hold my Licensed Clinical Social Worker license in the states of California, Colorado, and Utah and can serve clients residing within these three states.

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Julianne Henry, LCSW

Virtual Mental Wellness Therapy from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Meet Julanne
Why Virtual Therapy

Why Should I Try Virtual Therapy?

It can help with


Online therapy sessions can help clients manage anxiety and stress. With a solution focused approach, I will help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and tools to manage anxiety in your daily life.


Depression can be a debilitating condition that affects many aspects of your life. My strengths-based, holistic wellness approach will help you learn mindfulness techniques and develop healthy patterns of thinking to manage and overcome depression.

Trauma and PTSD

Trauma and PTSD can be challenging to manage on your own. Let's work together in a safe and supportive environment, to help you to move forward and achieve mental wellness.

Goal Setting and Planning

Feeling stuck? Let's collaboratively explore your goals and dreams and help to get you on the path for a future with growth, confidence, happiness and success. 

Grief and Loss

Dealing with grief and loss can be an isolating and challenging experience. My online therapy approach provides you with a safe and supportive environment to work through your feelings and emotions related to grief and loss.


Stress is a common experience for many people, and our online therapy sessions can help you learn healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress levels in your daily life.


“Julianne Henry helped me through a difficult time in my life, and I couldn't be more grateful. The online therapy sessions were convenient and effective, and Julianne's approach helped me develop healthy patterns of thinking and coping mechanisms to manage my anxiety.”

— Raina C.

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